Lily Pond Kennels and Game Bird Farms will have bob white quail and chukars for sale. I have hunted over pen raised birds and know the type of birds people want to hunt. Everyone wants strong flying birds and birds that flush. This is our mission for our birds. Strong flying birds will help anyone training a dog and makes hunting an enjoyment. 

Please contact us to reserve your bird order today. We have minimum order of 15 birds on mature bird orders. All birds are required to be picked up at this time but shipping will be possible in the future. A 24 hour notice on birds will help ensure you get your birds on time. 

If you are looking for hatching eggs or even day old chicks contact us. All of our current pricing is listed below.  

 Bob White Quail and Chukars


Also check out our puppy page if you are looking for your next hunting companion. 



Daniel & Ami Miller
Lily Pond Kennels
Phone: (256) 677-9861

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