German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies in Alabama.

All pups have been sold!!! Thanks everyone for trusting in us!


This are some pics of some of the other puppies with their new owners. As soon can see this litter has been great with their new owners.
“Swimming. She did two “retrieves” with a stick. My dachshund loves to swim so she followed her out there. We were really surprised. Wish we could have gotten that on video for ya. We shot skeet at the house yesterday too. At first she didn’t like it and we were hesitant by she was fine after a few minutes running around and everything. Didn’t even phase her. She sure does have a lot of energy but loves to sleep and cuddle. So I’m happy about that.”

“Molly is doing great! She’s acclimated extremely well with the family. She’s very socialable, loves to play and aims to please. She is sitting on command, doing well with potty and kennel training and is eating well. I think she may have almost doubled in size from last week. Still working to get a schedule established for the humans. Started to see her hunting traits come out the last day or so… She has quasi pointed already and loves to get low and pounce on the boys. We plan to start taking her on walks/adventures after our vet visit this week. She’s very intelligent, loving and a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you!”

This is what he had to say about this little guy.
”He is doing awesome! He has become playful and loving with the family. Already having mostly accident free days (although we are on top of him), he is quickly learning basic obedience commands. We are loving this addition to the family”

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